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April 12, 2014

Further Illumination

What does it take to feel better…to be better? How simple and how complex is the process of healing, of returning to rightness. Understanding itself is a multi-layered affair. It can never be instant. As soft rain on solid rock, eventually it permeates. Impatience is understandings enemy and egos best friend. Impatience mocks slow steady progress and may interrupt a full download with diastrous consequences.
I’m mentioning this now as we are rapidly approaching the total lunar eclipse on the 15th of this month during the full moon. This moon is known as the Pink Moon, or the Blood Moon, take your pick, but whatever you call it this one promises to be quite something. And if by several miracles of faith we manage to cope with this one, on the 29th of the month a total solar eclipse in Taurus is kindly waiting for us! All is taking place during a mega Cardinal Grand Cross so however intense we think things have been, the reality is”
you ain’t seen nothing yet!”
Communication will not be a clear and straightforward process and for those of us who consider we are great at it and who believe in the power of communication to solve all ills, we will be swiftly disabused of that notion. I hesitate to use the word “challenging”, yet that is how most people’s behaviour will be. May even be downright nasty.
Why so? It’s mostly down to change. That which we all claim to want when it’s positive, but really it terrifies us. We want change without changing and unfortunately that cannot be done. This disturbing period presents us with both internal and external far reaching changes that will ultimately affect our work, home life, relationships and our self identity. Those patterns we cling to are being broken down and shattered beyond repair. Seeing clearly is now our only promise of security and in the crimson light of The Blood Moon such vision is even more elusive than ever.
May we have the wisdom to stay both present and balanced and if not then to be protected and silent and this too shall pass.

April 4, 2014

Retreat Restore Resurrection

It is often the case in each lifetime that the soul’s needs, too long ignored, cry out with some urgency for some space to be and to experience being in a sacred way. For this reminds us of our true home, the realm of Spirit. It is where we come from and where we return to. Our lives, our existences, that bit we experience in between, may take us closer to Spirit and thus to our true Nature or, more often, leads us along a circuitous route in the opposite direction. When this is the case to retreat becomes essential.
A retreat allows, facilitates and encourages a space to occupy away from the daily concerns of “normal” life…if indeed the lives of most people may ever be described as such.
Choosing how, when and where to retreat can be a challenge. To be in complete solitude or to have a community around you….To be in rural isolation, by the sea or in the desert…To be in silence or to share out loud your most intimate thoughts, feelings and secrets.
Having nearly come to the end of my 9 months of retreat and self Spiritual Life Coaching sessions, I am pondering my choices for the last restorative month before resuming in the world again. My friend and former editor Alex Wenman is offering an Easter retreat on Crete. It sounds wildly appropriate. Check it out for yourself at
Not for me this time, as limited mobility restricts my choices and that’s probably a blessing. I have found that for me to be alone with my dog, preferably in this new walled garden, with the smell of the sea drifting over when the tide comes in, is when I can glimpse heaven again and that makes my soul sing.

March 21, 2014

Spring has Sprung.

Some long ago time I dreamed of a then unfamiliar Goddess. She came to me in a long white dress which gently whispered radiant bride, yet said nothing of marriage.She had copper/gold hair, as I once had, carried armfuls of white flowers, all those that I love, hyacinths that are connected with Apollo, anemones beloved of Aphrodite and white bluebells for everlasting love in its purest form.The spear She was also managing to carry seemed oddly appropriate. Love brings forth the Warrior in us all, however delicate we may appear. Behind Her was a zebra and a unicorn.
Again this morning She came, Bridie Her name this time. She spoke of gentle joys and showed me where these could be found and then of war and the challenges that are to come. The bear and the wolf were Her companions this time.
She left me in the most deliciously fragrant mist. A hint of it remains in the air here even now…
What do I take from this visitation? Apart from great pleasure that is.. I am reminded of the Divinity within all of us and that everything contains its opposite. A life without challenges is no life, for there can be no progression, no learning without struggle.
The first bursts of wild Spring energy confirms this. The extra light available to us brings a natural desire to cleanse on many and all levels. Yet this cannot be done by any other means than great effort.
When that effort is made the Universe supports our endeavours and more…And then the Magic truly begins…more of which to come
Blessings, Love and Light.

March 10, 2014

Economies of Scale

In many senses my world has rather considerably shrunk. It has happened in a way that seems paradoxically both rapid and gradual. In a five month period I have gone from a good level of physical fitness to being unable to walk further than a few paces. The main challenge here is the change of pace. Where once my body movements were as swift as my mental processes, now my thoughts streak ahead and I’m finding it difficult to slow them down enough to allow for coherence in speech.
Yet being on conceptual overload has its compensations for a mystic. There is endless delight in seeing worlds within a grain of sand, or my particular favourite of disappearing into the bright beauty of a Spring flower petal. Then the human aspect of self arises out of a longing to continue to explore, to physically travel to far flung places, prompted by what? Fear of time running out, or the welcome distraction of escapism? Perhaps both and yet more, for how very beautiful is this planet, the only planet of choice in the Universe and how hard it is to practise detachment from its siren calls, the love of people and places and my animal companions.
This early Spring some Venus plants have gone into the earth here, in this new garden: Angelica for female creative energy and Jasmine for love magic. I want to see them flower and yes I’m still working on patience.

March 4, 2014

The Mother of All Facials

The skin being the largest organ in the body, it has always been very apparent to me how vital it is to be comfortable in one’s own! This is natural territory for me as a Taurus and the daughter of a Libra, I took to the Goddess Venus from my earliest recollections. At a very young age I saw and emulated my mother’s comprehensive beauty regimes and had my first facial on my 9th birthday. Nearing 50, I have lost count of how many I’ve had, but this, my most recent has certainly been the most extraordinary.
As you may be aware I’m currently not in the pink. Following a disastrous surgery my skin has never been more dehydrated and lacklustre. Usually I complain that I always look well no matter what and get no sympathy. All of a sudden I really had begun to look drawn and haggard. Not a look I wanted to retain. Enter the lovely and supremely talented Louise Allen.
Louise, quite simply and without any exaggeration, gave me the best facial in my life to date. She managed to restore my skin to a glowing healthiness, no mean feat given my general condition. Her therapeutic touch is unparalleled and to be treated with such a degree of sensitivity and abundant love can only result in deep healing at a soul level…
So there you have it…The Mother of All Facials. visit Louise at for more information.

February 20, 2014

Living Well Continues

Half a glass of orange juice, large shot of pomegranate juice, the same of Elderflower cordial, huge squeeze of lemon juice, top up with sparkling mineral water and masses of ice…There you have it, A Pink Lady or as I know it as, Loving Goddess drink.. I’ve just been given it and its woken me up and made me smile.
Eat well, experience as much beauty as possible and love your life. Remember to honour it by living every moment as beautifully as you can. Jean Genet spoke of the morality of any action lying in its elegance, which has always resonated with me as the “Rightness” of anything and everything. Remember, the Universe is perfect, now in this moment we can choose to experience the peace of conscious existence by simply being…

February 19, 2014

Living Well

This space I find Myself living in, the new and hopefully final place speaks very clearly to me. The room I’m in has no windows but a large archway shrouded by floor length white cotton ending in a Kosher looking fringe with beads and knots. It’s all rather Turkish. So the framed black and white photograph I have hung next to this Exotic portal is of the tunnel in Central Park. City of my father’s birth and the earthly origins of much of my behaviour and attitudes,of which yes, there is still more to come, quite possibly an intense wave.
Did I mention it’s incredibly close to the sea? The sea where I invoked The Great Mother on the Solstice and we all know how that’s turning out.
Beyond the white curtains is a beautiful sunlit space with crystals and lanterns on a large round mosaic table, where many may be comfortably seated, the perfect space for a Soul group to meet, to work and to play. Heavenly and that’s before I even begin to describe the gardens…
The Earth is speaking to us, not crying anymore She is beyond that. Be quiet and listen. Let story time begin.

December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice Storms and Stillness

From within the circle, between the realms of life and death, the Dark Goddess awaits transformation into The Great Mother again as the Light returns and the Sun King is reborn. This process, as inevitable as it is, is not without danger, for this year is 2013 and Venus is retrograde from now until 30th January 2014. Who and what we love and value is up for an intense re evaluation and such intense scrutiny often reveals much we would prefer not to see.
There begins a 41 day inner journey, a descent into the Underworld, where swallowed by darkness we can merge with Spirit and make amends for any injury or wrongs we may be responsible for. Then we may begin the ascent into the world, our values rebirthed with us, able to celebrate with love and appreciation.
That’s the theory anyway, but as we all know, even the best planned journeys can be capricious, as dictated by sudden impulses and free will…So, we will see.
Blessings, Light and Love to you all. Thank you for sending me positive energies, healing prayers, candles and gifts. This particular descent has been most challenging and as yet, there is no ending in sight. Join me in Spirit later today/tonight as I work with the energies of Hecate, Sekhmet and Amun-Ra
to right injustices, restore balance and invoke healing.
My Solstice altar is decked with pine and black seaweed, for the storms and the stillness that is to come.

November 6, 2013

Do Not Disturb.

Being in something short of tiptop condition I had been following the advice of Salvator Rosa, along the lines of: “Be silent unless what you have to say is better than silence”. You’ll find a portrait of him in the National Gallery. It’s one of my favourites, both gallery and portrait and he was a handsome chap as well as a wise one…but I digress.
I’ve been silent as there is and has been rather a lot to process and while I would “normally” if that word is remotely appropriate, share discoveries and processes with you, this period is finally just about me. Of course these extraordinary planetary conditions and evolving states of consciousness are universally applicable, so chances are you will be experiencing some similar phenomenon as myself…
Samhain passed uneventfully for me. It seems the ancestors were quiet. And now the Dark Half of the Year, the Winter, season of Death is firmly in place retreat and reflection are required.
The current Spiritual landscape is as dark as the nights. Still reeling from the solar eclipse in Scorpio, which, on the one hand demands radical change in long established relationships, ways of being, in all areas really, while on the other advising caution. This period is still very much at an early stage, recent revelations are the tip of the iceberg. Patience as ever is essential.
All this is seriously challenged by desperately pent up energies, rooted in Karma and in my case, several lifetimes of anger to deal with.. Normal Service is not currently resumed. I will let you know if and when it is. But for now and until further notice The Oracle that is me is closed for business.
Blessings and gratitude for all the love and support.

October 16, 2013

Pieces Between Worlds

Battered and bruised, pieces of me gone, surrendered. At last I lie between sleeping and waking, conscious in that between worlds space. There’s a heavy Neptune influence, a mysterious sea-surge. The coming Aries full moon perhaps, seeing as its a lunar eclipse with the final Mercury Retrograde of the year hot on its tail on the 21st.
The feeling of uncertainty prevails, a misty, murky lack of clarity, that urges caution and yet inspires the opposite…risky action…anything to get moving again. For, as ever, with eclipses, dramatic endings and shocking new beginnings are common fare. Yet these are uncommon times.
The cleansing fire of Aires promises a Phoenix-like rebirth, as long as one is not fully consumed by the heat. A delicate balancing act is required to process, temper and tame into creativity the powerful anger waves emitting from the Earth Herself.
For several years now, I have been working with the Goddess Sekhmet, who interestingly rules the first house of Aries. ( interestingly as my surgeon is an Aries).Together with Maat, Goddess of Truth, Balance and Jusice in their Crone aspects, we worked with the sacrifice of my blood in the hospital, to develop will power, strength and courage. Out of that working came a fury I have previously only glimpsed in passing, one that has given form, forms even to powerful feelings and images associated with them within the inner landscape of worlds between worlds. Red and gold, the Sun blazing down in the desert and the wilderness beyond…prides of lions, an abundance of snakes, an awareness of the pull of North and South. A radical rebalancing is promised here, nothing short of a Cosmic Vision of Life being lived to its Highest Potential…
Meanwhile, the daily tending to business goes on: exercising, eating well and laughing as much as possible.
Love and Light to you all.

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