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January 30, 2015

The Gateway

The final days of January… have been short and meagre of light, producing within us feelings of confinement and of restriction. These feelings enhance our tendencies towards solitude and promote the half asleep/half awake state that, especially once dark, the snow adds to quite perfectly with its soft, deadening blanket. Today, however, Mercury becomes as one with the Sun. The Light purifies as it penetrates, nourishing, renewing and reviving. Our mind’s old, dark thoughts are similarly being affected as personal realities extend encompassing far more than the mundane now. We are suddenly awakened…a little dizzy and disoriented, yet awake.
A vast range of Spiritually motivated activities/possibilities emerge with the Light, the energy of which will affect each of us differently. For some this period is especially energizing, while for others adjusting to the feeling of being under pressure to make a decision and to move forward accordingly, may uncomfortably feel like it is a challenge too far. Whatever the case, there is no possibility of return now. We cannot unknow what we have learned during these Paradigm meltdown phases…what we choose to do/not do with that knowledge is a different matter entirely.
The choice of which train to leap on, the direction to take, whether it be forwards or backwards,cannot be made for you, yet life circumstances seeming to suddenly and dramatically change with no obvious notice, may make you feel as if you have been pushed. There are no accidents here. This Karmic path is fully and wholly intended and is to be embraced as a last chance saloon where final, stubborn obstacles to real progress get blown out of the water for good.
The ephemeral energies of nostalgia for a past you never really had are likely to surface. There may be reunions, revisiting of past friends/lovers/colleagues…pleasant or decidedly not, to contend with. Plans may be changed accordingly, yet only ever so briefly. The true course is set…all roads lead back to you, to the Self as a whole, to your very core. All previous attempts to dilute your true and Divine Nature have come to little and are now at an end. Step through the gateway now and step into your power!

January 20, 2015

Reinvention, Aha Moments and Tactlessness

Has anyone noticed the blurring/merging of timelines? As a Seer this sort of thing is a regular occurrence for me, but even so…past life patterns/issues/characters keep popping up, demanding attention and more often than not, exorcism. Is blood really thicker than water? Are family loyalties strong or irrational longings for something that never truly existed? The cosmic crossroads is upon us! Where do we go from here? Where do we want to go to?
What do we want to do when we get there? All apparently difficult questions to answer, certainly so before karma changes to dharma. It is happening, as the collective’s Soul evolution continues to gather pace. Progress is being made, but nothing happens without a price and on this occasion it’s peace, both personal and global.
Focussing on the personal, this is the perfect time to reinvent the self, to re-brand and then re-launch. This energy also applies to any entrepreneurial activities too, particularly of an international nature, with the proviso that any full steam ahead, less than tactful behaviour may completely derail the whole process.
Go steady is the advice, for before movement of any kind there needs to be stillness. Stillness is not inertia. True stillness is an exercise in mindfulness like no other, so long as complete presence is maintained and complete honesty with it. All of this naturally applies to the collective transformation as well, so if you just happen to be a world leader, or feel that you could be one, get meditating now for best results in terms of clarity. Ditch impossible dreams, . delusions of grandeur and all pretentious behaviour while you’re at it. Follow through with a frank and full evaluation of the past and it will be perfectly possible to see far into the future…if you so desire. If you would rather not, or if you prefer to have a professional intuitive do it for you, then look no further, give me a call! Remember First Monday offer coming shortly.. Monday 2nd February.

December 31, 2014

Opening Your Heart

The official new year is upon us, another beginning, that seasonal starting point from which we may reinvent, resolve and ultimately “makeover” ourselves in ways we deem “better” than we have been before. No, this is not going to be another list making exercise, as we are all very much aware of the things we need to do to improve our lives in practical ways and it is our right to choose whether or not to do these. This is about LOVE. A 4 letter word that’s really a verb. Being love, doing love, giving love creates within us a state of beatitude. When we become the love we want to see in the world, our psychological state radiates inner peace, truth and balance.
How is it possible to do and be this “Love”? A more pertinent question would be how can we be/do not?
Love is our Nature. It is the energy of Creation, the driving force of The Universe. It is us and we are it, inescapably. So let’s show it…by our deeds…back to that “verb” again. Be of service to all that we are connected to and do so selflessly, in so doing we honour and remember our unification with The All That Is. This gives us in return an alignment with immense power, including the ability to give ourselves what we truly desire…a total win/win!
The going is tough in Winter, even though the return to more hours of light has begun. It is utterly correct to abandon traditional punitive style regimes of whipping yourself into shape, for this holistic application of self-love. The results of which will be immediately visible, real and experienced. How much better is that? Self-realisation is just a short step away once this higher understanding emancipates the Spirit and enlightens the Soul.
Take a leap of faith…in yourself this January…and Love, above all correctly.
Brightest of Blessings!
P.S Remember First Monday of every month..I’m available to speak with. This service is offered freely.Give me a call and see how I may be of service to you!

December 20, 2014

The Wheel Turns…

The Winter Solstice is upon us again, the shortest day, followed by the longest night. The Goddess transforms into the Great Mother and gives birth to the Sun King and warmth and light slowly travel towards us again.
What a relief!
Yin, yang, day, night, birth, death, light, dark…all partnered with their opposite, necessarily so for contrast and to enrich meaning and yet the darkness often weighs heavy on us. We struggle with it for it reminds us too much of our own, that which lies within us, our shadow self, that part we cheerfully disown and deny in the safest and most practical of ways as we project it onto others, generally our nearest and dearest.
It is possible to love these dark times and to discover a peace and tranquility within them. The key to so doing involves embracing our own shadow, accepting these perceived negative self aspects with affectionate compassion. We need to question our beliefs about ourselves and be ready to bin all those no longer appropriate. Our story is just that, “a story”. We can change it at any time and this is the perfect time to be doing so.
The Solstice this year falls on a Capricorn New Moon. The energy will be accordingly extremely intense and it’s highly likely that we will feel similar. This energy is too good to miss by being made to feel uncomfortable and giving that too much attention. Let’s use it for great and good purposes, for magic making, for focus and wish fulfilment. Plant those seeds, ready to begin afresh, set in motion all you want to achieve and see your intentions come to be manifest in the Full Moons ahead.
Stay grounded by continuing with purposeful action. Remain in balance by resting when needed. Enjoy all the light there is and when it disappears light candles and remember that Spring really is just around the corner. The Great Wheel is wholly reliable. Brightest of Blessings to all,
Love and Light,

December 9, 2014

All Said and Done.

Winter closes Her grip and becomes stern. Not a moment to waste, nor a word to mince. For some this energy is refreshingly efficient, while others cry accusations of brusqueness. There is an uncompromising starkness to be dealt with during these black and white times, when the shadows lengthen and the daylight hours are absurdly brief.
The season of Lists is upon us. They are endlessly circulated in our written media. We make them ourselves, it seems every time before we go out, as we are constantly gathering something or other. Where are we on the List? The Death of the year prompts a death within ourselves as we measure its passing against our own personal achievements. Where are we now? Is it where we were aiming to be? What can be done to change anything? A section of time has elapsed, a marker establishes it…this festive period and we compare it to all the others we have known. Some we have had high hopes of. Many we may have dreaded. All we have survived thus far.
The glittering Christmas mirror ball sways before us. We see fragments of ourselves, reflected miniature vignettes of our various worlds, our previous festivities, disappointments, regrets, wonderful homecomings and happy families…take your pick…all so very tiring and at a time of year when Nature, of whom we are a part, enters deep slumber, dies to Herself ready to be reborn in the Spring.
Hibernation of the Soul is what we need…to stay in the warmth of the dark, cosy cave, to dream and doze before a bright fire, remembering our past selves, the romances, victories and tragedies, shedding yet more skins and then imagining, reordering and refining our chosen destinies.
Be gentle with yourself and others. Be patient. Enjoy this time, this process of decay…consciously allow what is old and outmoded to wither and die. Relish seeing the bare, skeletal remaining structure emerge. Those bleak branches have the stark beauty of truth about them, as do you.

November 18, 2014

Becoming Outstanding

It was back in 2008 that we began this transformation and evolution of our world. It continues throughout next year too, although in a more measured form. For now, until the Spring, we have entered the critical period, the strongest stage of potential transformation of the collective consciousness before some sort of levelling off may occur. During such intensity, peace and a steady pace are essential, yet not readily attained.
The journey to the heart of existence can only happen once we are awake, once we know and recognise that past tendency to base our entire self identity upon co dependent relationships with others. A lot then to accomplish, a seismic shift in awareness no less, as embedded deeply in our culture are many illusory notions of love. We have been programmed to accept many abuses under its title, for as Freud noted, ” we are never so helplessly unhappy as when we lose love”.
As we continue on our evolutionary journey, now travelling with true passion and intent, a future destiny emerges, both bold and staggering. Realities change and many different worlds to choose from can be seen as the veils between the material and spiritual dimensions become increasingly flimsy.
Yet practicalities must be observed. A reality check will show where plans are egoically flawed, as nothing during this period will be easily attained, allowing doubts, fears and uncertainties to flourish, gain ground and undermine stability should we let them.
Let’s go slowly, softly and with deep compassion into an exploration of our creative spirit, for it is there that our Soul’s essence may be found and therein the answers to any questions we may ever wish to ask.

For more information and guidance please visit the Life Coaching section of the website.

October 31, 2014

Nota Bene…First Mondays

An announcement of some particular importance…Beginning on Monday 3rd of November and thereafter on the first Monday of every month I am available to speak with from and between the hours of 10 till 8. That will be on a first come, first served basis, so if you are meant to get through to me, you will! Details to be found on my contact page.
You may be someone entirely new to any/all of my services and in need of some direction. You may be someone I’ve worked with before, perhaps a long time ago and are unsure of how to proceed. You could have a very specific question to ask, or merely want to chat with me to see if we resonate, which is a good idea from both our viewpoints, as there will be no obligation to proceed any further if we don’t.
Be speaking with you soon,
Love and Light,

October 29, 2014

A Seer’s Path

As Samhain approaches the veil shrouding this world from the other realms becomes ever more flimsy and those of us who tread the web betwixt and between are in severe demand. Our loved ones, both long gone and recently passed, hover keenly, often anxiously, pressing towards the light, wanting and needing to offer their wisdom, support and encouragement to those who remain their family for eternity. This they can do now, as the Esoteric climate of the second half of the year when Dark Winter rules creates the perfect conditions for going within. When we go within we are receptive to Magical insights and processes. As Nature enters deep slumber and the energy of Death surrounds us we can contact our forbears and receive their wisdom. This preserves and enhances the web that stretches through many, many generations of human families and beyond.
So what of the living? What do they/we want at this time? The overwhelming and unrelenting demand is and has always been for psychic/intuitive readings, the primary focus of which is The Relationship. The human capacity to be endlessly fixated on the illusion of romantic love never ceases to astound and disappoint me. Please bear in mind, if you believe you are in love with someone, then know you are in the infatuation stage.Loving only begins when that has passed and the process of knowing the other is occurring. For how can you insist you love someone if you don’t know them? Remember that and if you do ask me, or any other Seer for a Relationship reading, make sure there really is a relationship there to read!
Rest assured, you cannot escape your destiny. What’s yours will come to you. This doesn’t negate free will, although from time to time it may seem that chaos will ensue. Trust in your Higher Self’s guidance and stillness will be reclaimed.
Yes Samhain is the most perfect and powerful time of the year to explore divination and to experience many other Esoteric rituals and practices. Let’s not waste the opportunity on the superficial, but engage fully with The Dark Mother, honour Her with offerings and appreciation and ask for Her help in understanding the cycle of birth/death/rebirth…for these are the things that matter…and all else is cut away.
Gather oak leaves, bring in pine cones, collect sage and rosemary, carve a pumpkin and light candles to focus on keeping anything negative from the past away from the future and blessed be.

For more information and guidance please visit the Intuitive readings section of the website.

October 3, 2014

The Moth and The Flame.

Are you ready to begin the true business of living? That is of living your life, for you, authentically, no one else in mind…your passions all yours, not what you think/feel/believe they “should” be, but what they really are. If you are then ok, great, time to be happy. There is much to be thankful for. Yes, there remain many mountains to climb and some may involve a rapid black run downward ski, but you will survive the excitement and you will be all the stronger for it. If the answer is no, not ready, not now, quite possibly not ever, then you are in for a severe scorching, at the very least, from the powerful line up of fire planets and the combustible energies that surround them. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!
Firstly Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow and as the Sun is close by and so too the planet Venus, what was a secret becomes abruptly unveiled in all its not so glorious glory. Power shifts so quickly to and fro, those without good sea legs are likely to feel pretty queasy and will stagger about in an attempt to find a balance that will continue to be elusive, at least for the rest of this month..but it will feel like longer.
The lunar eclipse in Aries on the 8th illuminates the Shadow Self in such an obvious and straightforward manner that there can be no more believable excuses not to deal with what needs to change. The energy from the Harvest Moon facilitates this work wonderfully well, cutting through Karma like a knife through butter. While the newly exposed emotions may feel a little ragged around the edges, the sense of freedom engendered makes this period a truly Magical one. Time to indulge in our Wild Nature, to be expansive, to take some risks and to challenge authority with good grace.
In our most intimate relationships the prevailing desire is for further closeness. The closeness we want is one based on truth, on balance and on equality. In cases where the foundations are not thus, there are deep vibrational changes afoot that will incrementally evolve into earthquakes. The landscapes of our relationships will be permanently and irrevocably altered. There will be plenty of opportunities to fine sift through the debris and mull everything over, but for many “over” will be the defining word.
The Light that remains for us after this troubling and exhilarating period comes on the 23rd via the solar eclipse of the New Moon in Scorpio. It is this Light that will encourage us to see the beauty in ourselves, in others and in our World.

September 18, 2014

X = Balance

The autumn equinox approaches, that time of perfect balance, equal hours of light and dark, when we may celebrate what has been achieved and also make plans for our next harvest. X is the Rune known as “Gifu”, it encapsulates balance, for it is a representation of the process of an equal exchange of energies and of the Great Wheel of the Universe. It is a power that guides as it binds and in so doing, helps the attainment of harmonious relationships.
Keep in mind the balance and harmony theme, for now comes reference to another “X”, OR “x’s”…the past partner, friend, colleague, possibly patterns of behaviour..note the word “past”. During Mabon, the middle of harvest festival, it is not uncommon for X’s to appear and this year is far from being an exception. Maybe the Grand Fire Trine on the 29th, of Mars, Jupiter and Uranus has something to do with it, as that will certainly foster the ideal conditions for obsessions and paranoia, traditional territory for X’s of all descriptions.
However unpleasant these blasts from the past may appear, a greater good will emerge from the rubble. As we are shaken to our core, the roots of our Spiritual pain are revealed and once so, then cleansed, refreshed and revitalised. Visionary thinking may resume and a pure form of light surrounds us, a necessity as we approach the time of the Dark Mother, of Hecate, Kali and Demeter. When the Bringers of Darkness come we better understand our Shadow selves and true progress may be made that will ultimately assist our passage back up towards the Light.
In gratitude for all the gifts you have received this harvest, decorate your sacred space with abundant natural products: pine cones, corn, pomegranate, grapes on the vine, dried flowers and fruits…any and all reveal the glory of perfection, something we all delight in.

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