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July 1, 2015

Alea iacta est.

No apologies for yet more school-girl Latin. Sometimes only Latin gives the right tone. So the die is cast. If now was set to music the composer would be Shostakovich. The movie would be directed by Hitchcock. The cast of thousands unknown yet so very familiar, as the Karmic wheel takes another spin…Am I making you nervous? More likely, you already are.
Today’s Full moon in Capricorn has more than a hint of the unsettling about it. All those unrelenting revelations about the how’s and why’s of our existence come to a head. Maybe seeing clearly is difficult when the heat haze shimmers, but intuition is not affected by climatic conditions and now is the perfect time for an expanded psyche to show you what you’ve been hiding from.
There are many positives to be had here though as Venus and Jupiter conjunct. Let us focus on the freedom feeling these two planets proximity will promote. Opportunities for expanded knowledge, personal growth and wonderful collaborations come thick and fast. There is no need to focus on future fears. Get out and about, be active in your own life and avoid lonely nail-biting sessions. The activity and energy then expressed will reduce overwhelming fears into more manageable concerns, then where possible, appropriate steps may be taken to mitigate them.
The more rebellious among us will really feel that go your own way vibe. Indeed choose that path and abundance is surely to follow… although friendships may falter, primary relationships could fold and that big picture envisioned for so long may be irrevocably altered.
It may be best to pretend that Saturn is not lurking in the background, the harsh paymaster and exacter of Universal Law…let us surround ourselves with sunshine and delights. We can feel a measure of emotional security when we appreciate our homes, our children and our relatively safe existences where so many in the world face countless horrors. Awareness of this can bring more glimmers of optimism and a developing philosophy of mortality and immortality.
Venus retrograde begins July 25th until September 11th. She rules love, relationships, beauty, balance, harmony, money, creativity and so on…when She is retrograde we are given the chance to re-evaluate these areas in our lives. While She is in Virgo we are likely to be more practical and pragmatic about everything, yet once She moves into Leo our approach will be far more direct, confrontational and above all fiery! As becomes evident on 31st July when there is the second Full Aquarius, a Blue Moon in fact. This is during the period of Lammas, festival of celebration, gratitude for the harvest and our continued survival. Here we have the space for a potential breakthrough. We may get to know what we need to do to make the future we want to happen actually happen.
Quick reminder that First Monday is coming up and there are plenty of questions to be asked, particularly as yours truly will be unavailable during August…even Oracles need a holiday! Summer Blessings to all.

June 17, 2015

Post tenebras, lux.

As Midsummer approaches, darkness becomes light and with it the opportunity arises for us to find a balance, a measure of honesty, a simple frankness with ourselves where much may be revealed. Amongst the most obvious, yet nonetheless startling are the clear differences between what you would like to think you are doing and what you are actually doing. What’s really new here?
This chance for some clarity is a brief one, for as soon as Venus goes retrograde the light dazzles rather than illuminates, perceptions become blurred and fantasy may rock even the strongest of Spiritual centres.( not happening till July 25th..)
What is really going on in your life at this point is the continued clear up and solving of all past unresolved issues. Quite a heavy task, so no wonder that it seems to be taking forever and equally no surprise that resistance to the process ranges from outwardly hostile to surreptitiously enraged. All of which brings me nicely to the issue of anger. Let’s write it as big as it feels, no, not remotely possible! .ANGER…
We all have it. We mostly deny it. Our favourite trick is to project it onto others. It’s their fault, their unreasonable behaviour e.t.c, e.t.c. But it’s not. We need to own our own anger, dig down deep into it that it may move, clear and be healed. Then any new anger may be expressed directly and appropriately.
This all feels like a dead end, but it’s not. You will make it through, forbearance and patience of course are an absolute must. The trick of existence will be demonstrated time and time again, to love without attachment and to let go. Time to say goodbye to an entire section of your life’s history and to bravely rise again, brighter than ever before.
This feels like a big ask. Going forward again when you are aching from deep hurts brings up exhaustion and tests faith. Yet everything is a test. All Karma must be paid sometime and for many of us, that time has arrived.
Allow these changes the slow pace and privacy they deserve and a real and honourable life will emerge. You will be free of heartbreak, regret and remorse and the joy of hope and expectancy for the adventure to come will reappear. One thing to remember at all times…Don’t take on lost causes. Each lifetime is too short for that… Once balance is found and regained be of cool and rational service. Develop the assets you possess in abundance and see the humour in everything as you reinvent yourself once more. Nature has an enormous appetite for love and pleasure…so do you!

May 22, 2015

Rainbow Bridge

Recent times have seemed like a double dose of horrible with a side order of grim as f**k.
However, now comes that promising glimmer of light, “And so, through all the thick mists of the dim doubts in my mind, divine intuitions now and then shoot, enkindling my fog with a heavenly ray.” Moby-Dick to the rescue, who would have thought?
The complete truth, all wrapped up in the most convenient of packages is exactly what we all think we would like to know…What? Where? When? And, most importantly, Who with?
There is a prevailing feeling so tangible it could be made of concrete…that of an urgent be somewhere, to be doing something, something that we are meant to be doing. If we don’t..that doesn’t bear bear thinking about. The cosmic clock ticks on. Some vital crunch time is appearing on the horizon. If the path isn’t found and taken and pretty smartish, it will disappear forever, taking with it some essential element of the “true” you. That highest potential element of “youness” will miss its birthing.
What’s going on? Why this feeling of pressure? Let’s blame it on the standstill and opposition of two major players Mercury and Neptune. Mercury retrograde demands reflection and infinite examination of all possibilities. The clamour from the mind could not be any louder…a constant erratic stream of ideas, many of them hugely unsettling, yet appearing to be logical. Neptune solidly sends wave upon wave of emotional confusion resulting in a rich sea bed of fantasy ideas designed to drip feed an unwary unconscious into a delicate state of paranoia.
The challenge here is to forget everything you believe you know is true and activate the imagination. How? By being playful, not taking this world and all its creations seriously or personally. Think limitless… Once the rainbow bridge is formed between these two contradictory forces our intuition will flow feely once more and that will greatly assist when we are all feeling adrift. Remember that no one is really “normal” anyway. Depression, mania, excessive anxiety can all exist simultaneously in a fully functioning personality. No need to become unstuck over it. Or indeed, give it too much headspace, no pun intended!
This phase is just a weird one. Breathe through it and a new perspective emerges and with it a new self, stronger, more ambitious and ultimately more the “you” that you’ve been looking for for so long. Be patient, nearly there now.

May 1, 2015

Resilience at Beltane

Here we are again in the season of maturing life and deep love…love that requires honouring via vows and commitment. Masculine and feminine energies combine creatively united by Divine fire. Fertility and abundance are equally celebrated as the Sun’s return ensures the passion and vitality of Summer is just around the corner.
All sunshine and flowers then…? Not exactly no, not with the full moon in Scorpio arriving very shortly to stir things up , even when its called the Flower Moon, don’t be deceived, this is hard core disturbance material, facilitating a sequence of events that will cut deeply into the soul. Extreme resilience is required in order to emerge even relatively unscathed. We must live and love dangerously for a while, fully attending to the pleasures that the Natural World has to offer during this most beautiful of seasons.
Sensual joys may distract from all the screw-ups and delays that will inevitably occur during the Mercury Retrograde period from the 18th till June 11th.
The most helpful attitude to adopt is one of casual breeziness. Relish your own autonomy. Spend time alone working out who you really are now and what you think you may want to experience next. There will be so many reversals at the last minute, yours and everyone else’s, in short…a lot to cope with. Being steady will take strong nerves and a desire to remain sane. It is vital to reawaken the strongest of self-nurturing instincts and to focus on positive thinking at all times when in pursuit of any and all goals.
Personal power is the base structure we must operate from, remaining in a professional mode, especially when faced with ridiculously romantic scenarios and attention seeking behaviours, whether our own or not.
On the one hand we feel ready to get out into the world, confident of the joy of adventure, relishing notions of freedom and wanting escape…yet we are also aware of the vulnerability of exposure and so need to gather confidence step by step. However, all plans are likely to be disrupted without advance notice by a fickle Universe. We can only respond by being as Zen as possible. Flexibility wins the day.
You are probably already feeling exhausted. The past 18 months of this radical restructuring period has certainly taken its toll. There has been an unusually savage drain on our life force and we feel it most keenly as we approach the end. Nearly there! Just the hardest part to get through now, psychologically, physically and spiritually. How do we do it? We ask for and accept help. Simple as that.
Take the time out that we need to heal, to retreat and to create. Eat the fruits of the Sun and take into ourselves that powerful healing energy. Be nourished by the warmth as the Sun gains in strength. When anger and aggression strike, which they will, use the energy with awareness: dance, sing or better still practise Qi Gong. There is treasure in the Earth’s energy to be mined for positive purposes.
In quieter mode write and study…all esoteric material will be of particular appeal. Be inspired. Hidden secrets emerging, shocking truths, challenging reversals…all perfect material for transformation. And transform we will.

April 3, 2015

Radical Persistence and Endurance.

Further extreme restructuring is demanded by the eclipsed Full Blood Moon arriving tomorrow, yes that’s happening on Passover and yes many may consider that to be a potentially alarming omen. This is further supported by the extraordinarily rare quality of these events: 4 Blood Moons…all in a row, with 6 months in between…the last one due to hit us on 28th September this year.
Tomorrow’s Full Moon is in Libra,planet of balance, beauty and peace. Its nature, as a Blood Moon is expansive and that coupled with the eclipse, where Earth, Sun and Moon align, creates a gateway, a portal, whereby we may commune with other realms, growing psychically and Spiritually if we so desire. Therefore the rollercoaster of change rumbles on gathering pace, divine insights are there to be had, as well as breakdowns and breakthroughs.
The energy emerging is finely balanced between compromise, cooperation and peace and war, aggression and extremism, an uneasy environment to be feeling our way around. This is likely to trigger survival fears and paranoia too, so it will be vital to adopt a detached and rational approach to everything if we are to remain healthy in all aspects.
Externally there is likely to be an atmosphere of not belonging, of disenchantment with all and everything “society” has to offer…from politics to position…all that encapsulates the external world in a way. Internally the environment remains dramatic in flavour, in disarray and possibly rather chaotic, particularly with regards to intimate relationships. However, it is more than possible that what may emerge from the rubble is a new found closeness and intimacy with our nearest and dearest. Do try to avoid or at least delay riding off into the sunset though. There is much further emotional journeying to take place first….towards understanding the nature of “home” and whatever “family” really means.
Personally we will be looking at rationalising negative aspects of behaviour, our own and everyone else’s, to reaffirm what integrity and honesty really mean. These ponderings may give rise to polar opposite views…thinking we know it all and subsequent disillusionment…to understanding how very little we really understand…and feeling isolated.
This process allows for all communication to be stripped down and simplified, a task of vital importance. Old fantasies have to be dropped, there is no more pretence, all is business now and we have to be business-like about it.
Even so, passions long held may rise to the surface and if indulged, create mayhem. Negative archetypes will want to come out to play and it will be a huge challenge to remain in adult mode.
For those prone to over- analysis, simply stop and surrender to what is. There and only there, will you find any kind of peace.
There is no turning back now, the expected path has vanished completely. The only option is to continue to press on, moving slowly, taking in the view. Become your own leader. Be competent, be talented and be responsible. This is the moment to be so.

March 23, 2015

Post Eclipse: Exits and Entrances

So, how was it for you? Still recovering, recoiling and mercifully regrouping, or wondering what all the fuss was about? Whatever the case and with some regret, or is that resignation? I have to inform you, there’s plenty more where that came from.
The aftershock rumbles on and if you are still clinging to the rocks emotionally speaking, attempting to keep an eye on those who concern you, who are about to drop off, then there’s nothing you can do to help at this point. The rest of that world is going up in flames no matter what. You need to reload your Warrior energy, wear your courage as armour and cross the abyss. No looking down either!
Breaking past the past is always a massive jolt, however prepared, forewarned or up for it you may be. The initial stages after the earthquake effect are Bedlam-like, chaotic and all-consuming if you’re not especially careful. The interior landscape is melting in Daliesque fashion and so it is vital to stop chewing it all over. Yes..all needs dealing with…but one task at a time and preferably with some help. It’s always available, so ask right now!
That may feel contradictory as there is a palpable energy present encouraging in a demanding way, that you break through constraints and regain independence, with an almost hysterical urgency. First that noisy mind has to quieten down, paranoia and projections must be suspended and the wild side has to be reigned in. Then and only then are you able to discover finally and truly what intimate relationships are all about..and what they are certainly not. The unstoppable and uncompromising energy of truth prevails knocking aside the superficial politics of human dynamics and replacing all the game playing with straightforward and honest communication.
That, anyway is what is meant to be happening..and it will do if we are capable of continuing to focus on business, business being of course existence as a Soul self, growing in understanding and love…in as timely and swift a fashion as possible, before, yes you’ve guessed it…the next lunar eclipse on April 4th in Libra, where all will be stylish, magical and highly deceptive. There and then the purging and releasing game continues, whether it is joyous or horrendous is entirely up to you. It’s not really Russian roulette, it only feels that way.
Suggestions to make this process a more peaceful one…find and retain your balance. Good health equals right thinking. There is no real nourishment in mad upswings, nor lasting excitement in the perilous downslides that follow. Question ferocious attachments to anything/anyone. Consider all prejudices as childish in a negative sense and look deeply into the scary void. When you look with the adult’s eyes it’s not so bad. You don’t need to vanish back into that past you are still nostalgic for. It never really existed anyway. Instead, go on a psychic/spiritual journey and travel to the ancient sites where Nature magic abounds. There the energy will refresh, Love will replace Fear and all will be the great adventure it really is.

March 1, 2015

A Word To The Wise…

Firstly, a reminder that tomorrow is the First Monday of the month…please call me at and between the appointed hours with your questions and queries, I am indeed here to help everyone, those previously known to me and newcomers alike.
Secondly, some advance warning re the Virgo full moon gracing our skies this coming Thursday. I am tempted to say that only the strong will survive, but that would be slightly overly dramatic. We will all mostly manage to get through it. Those of us who will cope with it well will have to adopt a gung-ho attitude. Yes we are being tested again. No, it’s not fair, but anyone believing that life is or should be have clearly not been paying enough attention. Time to wise up and pretty damn quickly.
This Virgo moon comes fully loaded, featuring desires, deceptions and potential calamities. A fateful finger of Yod points at Jupiter indicating that destiny is close at hand now. A powerfully intoxicating medley formed of dark relationships rising from the past once more to trip up the weary and naïve. Please open eyes fully, pinch yourself where necessary and if that doesn’t restore some kind of sense and reason, then a good soak in ice cold water should make a difference. Do not get sucked in, for if you do a viable exit strategy will be conspicuously absent.
On the positives now for this March month of continued intensities…there will be rainbows, glorious pockets of inspiration, grand ideals to be manifested and the right energies and people available to do so. To find these golden patches we need to be practical, organized and willing to explore new territories.
Yet fully aware as we do so that we may be side-lined and distracted at any moment by the sensuous and magical unfolding environment.
Enjoy the scenery while you can as by the 14th when Saturn goes retrograde, rainbows become storm clouds and a nervous and confusing period follows. Saturn planet of responsibilities, structure, tests and discipline, slows down, stops and then retraces its path, causing us to feel all of its attributes most keenly. The main challenge will be to remain open to things turning out far better than anyone could ever anticipate. Just as well they will then!
Bright Blessings brave souls,
Love and Light,

February 27, 2015

Being Happy Whatever.

That question, Why? The one that arises from the very core of our being has its roots firmly planted in our experience of happiness or the lack of it. The artificial world reality many of us struggle daily to inhabit, constantly bombards us with references to the measurement of happiness in our lives and all too often we are encouraged to feel it is lacking. The closer we look, the less of it we see. The more minutely we peer at the fabric of our lives the easier it is to see the signs of wear and tear. Do we make do and mend? Completely makeover? Rebuild from the bottom up? For some of us, weary of this particular never ending journey, it seems easier just to remain within the wreckage and continue with business as usual.
Rather than any of the above, the kindest and most simple path to freedom begins with the cultivation of the seeds of awareness. Once these appear, an instinct often long-buried within us reawakens, allowing trust in our own process to develop. The search to become the Soul becomes Soul found…and we are One again.
Where is this clear and straightforward path? How do we begin on it? Why have we not discovered it before?
We were looking in the wrong places, namely the Past. It is here now, in the present, that place of power and purpose…the beginning, the unformed, the realm of endless possibilities and potentials. It can be seen when we gaze at the beauty of Nature, always growing, developing and changing and felt when that beauty causes our Spirits to lift. We are accessing the Higher energies then and are replenished by the contact.
Meditate on Nature, with Nature and become real, become your Soul self, present in every moment. There is nothing more powerful. To do so is to unite with the true fabric of existence, that perfect web that binds and unites us all with the Creativity that is our Universe. Then and only then may we be happy whatever!

February 16, 2015

That Many- Splendoured Thing.

What is love? The eternal, endlessly asked question that preoccupies the mind, challenges the ego and makes fools of the wise…Now that the commercially exploitative occasion otherwise known as Valentines day has passed, it is appropriate to consider the true nature of love and the realm in which it dwells within us- the heart.
Love is the energy, frequency and vibration of the Universe. It is part of us, passes through us and exists all around us. Both personal and impersonal, it is the epitome of simplicity and yet remains paradoxical. As in many ways does the heart…the muscular blood pumping organ essential to all animal and human life. In Spiritual Life terms, equally vital as the source of true inner guidance, it is the centre of your being, at the centre of the Tree of Life and it is the provenance of unconditional love, compassion, altruism and devotion. That is when your heart is balanced and when you are able to accept that all the circumstances of your life are in Divine order.
Where and why most of us struggle with love…giving it, receiving it, understanding it, even accepting it as real…is because of heart walls. These, most of us have built up to protect ourselves from emotional wounds and are what cause us then to withdraw, to become defensive and often critical and controlling.
So, how to de-construct heart walls effectively and immediately, opening the heart centre and bringing in balance?.. Nature, as always is your primary resource. The colour of the heart chakra is green, that most healing of colours. Go outside in Nature and allow Her to heal you. Breathe in the green energy that’s all around you, visualize it filling your heart and feel your heart gently softening and opening.
Next, get moving! The body needs to bend in order to release any emotional wounds, especially deep ones. Yoga is the most perfect route for this, closely followed by tai chi, or any other suitably mindful physical practise.
Then, learn forgiveness, which simply means letting go of the feeling. The past is just that…past. Focus on the present and on gratitude, for being alive and all the goodness that is encompassed by that.
Eventually you will learn, if you haven’t already, to go beyond the warmth and affection that we tend to think of as love, towards its real nature, universal and unconditional, the Source of your being and The Source of The All That Is. Joy is what follows. Try it and see.

February 3, 2015

Quo Fata Vocant

Wherever fate calls…it is certainly calling right now! As the Leo Full Moon rises during Imbolc, the Crone Goddess sheds Her years, becoming Maiden once more, to greet the first signs of Spring and to shower us with Her Bright Blessings. We enter the perfect environment for prophecy and the pursuit of purpose, once a full understanding of what that is to be, is finally revealed.
The Leo moon path to enlightenment is a spontaneous one, of an independent and individual nature.There are many twists and turns and the pace is brisk to say the least .We need to strive to keep up and even as we do, much of who we were and are no longer, falls by the wayside. People, possessions, attachments…all continue fading into the distance and into the foreground approaches drama and the trauma of changes, if and when resisted.
Once begun is half done…a comforting saying to bear in mind during this challenging journey, the rigours of which are made considerably easier to endure when in a state of groundedness. For once we are able to occupy our own safe center, change becomes an exciting prospect and not a source of fearful dread. We become as one with our true selves, with our Spirit Nature and are then able to connect with bliss, enabling us further to live in love and enjoyment of all life.
Does that sound ridiculously idealistic and Utopian? Perhaps so…and yet each lifetime is relatively short, why waste it worrying, attempting to hold on tightly to something already dead and gone…namely the past. There is dancing, singing and painting to be done, all forms of creativity to be embraced…work to be transformed into love and a World to be remade.
Let’s proceed gently here, the Cosmic climate can be a treacherous one, so a few guidance notes may prove helpful. Use water for balancing. By sea, lake, river or even pond, you will find a replenishment of inner peace. Failing that, create a sanctuary in your own bathroom and retreat there when everything becomes too much, as it is likely to this week. Accidents are highlighted as a strong possibility, so do take extra care, especially those who enjoy a bit of speed. Now is not the time for it, unless you are looking for a protracted period of rest!
The New Moon in Aquarius next week brings energies of innovation and imagination and culminates in a lively period of unexpected events. These may provoke worries and uncertainties, if we allow ourselves to be drawn back into old, unproductive ways. Instead, let us enjoy and become passionate about the new, nurturing ourselves as we move forwards into this early and brightest Spring.

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