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August 21, 2014

Love and Let Love.

Destiny, karma, chi, fate and/or the stars. Take your pick of these energies that are beyond the comprehension and control of most people…these are the forces that place us where we most need to be and at the exact time that we most need to be there. For the next few days and culminating over the weekend the climate is embarrassingly romantic. Strangely so perhaps when we consider the world environment in its savage disarray, where even in the quietest of places there is an increasing undertow of violence. Perhaps that is why…if ever a reason is required for love.
While the dance of Saturn, Mars and the Sun, an uncomfortable triangle, produce a strenuous and draining effect, the glorious partnering of Venus and Jupiter positively shimmers with the gifts all good fairies seek to bestow, those of luck and love and of luck in love, which is where we all most appreciate it.
The new moon in Virgo which follows the weekend supports and encourages the romance to flourish and also facilitates creativity in abundance, an essential ingredient when it comes to matters of the heart.
Time then to listen intently to the quiet murmors of your heart and to ask that your Highest needs may be met and we will see just what happens next…

August 10, 2014

High Tide

Tonight the Sea seeks to cover us with Her wisdom. The Aquarius Full Moon Supermoon is watery in the extreme. The message is loud and clear: clean up your act, or the Universe will do so for you!
After this highest of tides, many will be left stranded and many more will be revealed in a stripped down and shamefully exposed form. If we are not to be amongst the wounded, we must explore these sea depths allowing ourselves to be lost, at least for a time, for only then will we be able to find ourselves, our fugitive past finally surrendered, our minds made beautiful and spacious again.
Life is to be deeply lived and yet must be lived lightly, a talent few are able to manage and yet now becomes the necessity for us all. The continuous cycle, the greenery of nature, reassures and reaffirms that of which we are a part and not apart from. The rest, all other…a benign emptiness. We may seek to rest there a while and reassemble our essential Souls, but it is no dwelling place for eternity.
More growth, further adventures both good and bad invite us back into the fray.To give up now is not an option.

August 3, 2014

Snap Your Fingers.

Here we go again. Hello, Goodbye and the life that exists in being in between. Harvest is upon us. We may pretend during the odd dog day that Summer still reigns supreme and so holiday mode may too, yet the golden fuzz lining our fair fields tells of a year’s end. What we have given we are due to receive. Whether abundant and plentiful, meagre and scarce,something somewhere in between, any and all our responsibility and ours alone. Here then, is our opportunity to begin afresh, with next year’s harvest and our own cycle of growth.
Endings, parting of ways, new and further horizons, all intrigue and alarm in similar measures. A farewell of sorts is long overdue, thus avoiding asinine questions, bizarre insinuations and that special awkwardness which comes at the end of a long journey, when parting has been too long prepared for.
All at once comes the time of travelling alone, now that subconscious delaying tactics are too obvious to be believable. The enforced period of idleness this brings allows those deeply embedded hooks a tender extraction. Instead of groping for some meaning I, You, We …we become meaning.
Awaken quickly people. Take up position for the end game.

July 10, 2014

We Must Do This Again…Sometime.

This coming weekend brings a full moon Super moon, set to challenge us further when we are weary and longing for some gentle respite. Perhaps I merely speak for myself and everyone else is ready and gagging for some further far reaching changes…perhaps not…anyway that’s what we are getting and so better to be forewarned.
Those with the enlarged egos of old Etonians will be relentless in the pursuit of self entitlement. Get ready to stand well back from the trough before the feeding frenzy begins. This Capricorn moon will illuminate the ugly disparities that characterise our particular “society” and our situation within it, or indeed, without it. Those who feel marginalised, misplaced and overlooked will feel increasingly so, allowing internal tension and disquiet to build up to dangerous levels.
If violent reactiveness can be avoided it will be possible to see far above this mundane plane and thus elevate consciousness accordingly…but that remains a big “if”. When the structure and order of everyday life is so obviously changing and so rapidly, then insecurity manifests on a global level.
We are already feeling it and have been for quite a while.
How can we experience these energies more positively? Is such a thing even possible? Have we the will to do so? The answers are there to be found, in our own bodies and beings. Time now to focus on health, on strengthening the body and with it to realign the mind back onto the Soul’s path. There we will discover more detailed information about our longings and our purpose. Then we can move beyond the intense moods and feelings of crisis point and into fresh and lighter unchartered territories, places where we can be passionate without the dangerous combustible elements of unexpressed rage.
Much that is unfolding during this period is around Karmic family ties. The family may be blood or Spiritual, whatever the link, the essence of it will be exhaustively examined and it is more than likely that its essence will alter. The family, yours and mine is being reinvented. That’s heavy Magic by anyone’s standards.

June 24, 2014

Harness Creative Potential

The title to this piece was to have been “Abyss”…but having considered that to be somewhat alarming given the current reactionary environment I have opted for the more positive approach. But there’s really no sugar coating this one, especially given I’m about to quote Nietzsche, so if you are of a nervous disposition take a good slurp of Rescue Remedy and read on…
He writes..”if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you”, a statement he makes when speaking of monsters and monstrous things, actions and reactions…but for me the abyss both before us and within us represents the Great Void, the place of the unmanifest, the endless sea of unconsciousness, out of which comes everything that may ever be created. It is a place of power and it is scary because of that power.
We are now faced with our own abyss, one that we cannot deny or diminish. It is the pure ground of our being, the primeval chaos that heralded our existence and may announce our demise. The small world reality that we have known, the value system we have adopted and operated within is being revealed as long dead, even as its ghost lingers. All that we pursued is being and having to be abandoned and radical alternatives are presenting themselves as the only viable routes forward.
As we are released from the restrictive, the antiquated and the corrupt, we find ourselves swirling around in the unfamiliar ( for most of us ) waters of subversive energy…Here it is possible to resonate with the psyche of the lowest Tribal frequencies and join the race for recognition and power and thereby miss this enormous opportunity for unprecedented Spiritual growth. My suggestion is quite simply, Don’t.
Don’t do the obvious. Dive underneath all the programming. Face the abyss calmly and with humour. Plumb your own depths and then swim upwards into the Light..The Light is you!
Find out who you really are and begin enjoying the whole of your existence. How? By embracing your creativity, discover it is there by not taking No for an answer. Play until you find one. Resonate with joy, not despair. All is well. Honest.

June 2, 2014

Wild and Free

I could equally have gone with Fire and Deluge as a title…decided against it obviously…too fear inducing,to an uncomfortable level, while Wild and Free strike just the right note. See HOW DECEPTIVE IS lANGUAGE. Words do really mean what I want them to and then, handed over to you, they become what you choose to interpret them as. No exact Science there then. That’s another unreliable myth for another time.
The current climate is a nebulous one. It is being made more so by those who like to/need to and want to hide. Reasons as to why range from blackest black to ever so slightly grey lies, the ones we tell ourselves, those we tell others and the ones we feed and are fed on moment by moment the very second our quality of awareness and presence drops allowing fear and negativity to gain a creeping foothold.
Trust your Totems…they are reliable. Reconnect with them immediately. Dust them off and honour their energy with a focused meditation. Once activated be open to the teachings/lessons that come your way.
Think Mars and Neptune, engaged in combat with romantic overtones, translating as action versus immersion. Understand all this by Wednesday and you will have a hugely successful working day and something unique to celebrate by Thursday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius.
I mention the Archer for the fire power is increasing. As we lead up to the summer Solstice things heat up, esoterically speaking…as the most powerful day in the year approaches, to do with what you will.Meditate on what you want to achieve and prepare to work magic, or indeed, to have magic work through you!

May 20, 2014

The Healing Power of Nature

Having survived the recent and highly savage Scorpio full moon, radical restructuring surely complete for now, I undertook a late Spring/early Summer pilgrimage.
In the days not so long past, when Prediction magazine was still alive and kicking, I wrote a piece on pilgrimages, stressing their value and importance. This is even more relevant in this modern, chaotic world we are currently experiencing.
To retreat, rebalance and be reborn…that is the ideal. Just such a thing happened to me on my recent Soul Journey. I had written a fairly lengthy and full account of exactly what occurred, but I have been prevented from posting it! Probably the same esoteric censorship that refused permission to photograph these specific magical places too.
Never mind.Find your own magical place to retreat to. Anywhere will be perfect, so long as it is in the full magnificence of the natural world.
This time of the year Nature Herself is at Her most powerful…there is so much energy, the energy of promise and potential. When we are encouraged and able to tap into that, there is nothing that we cannot achieve!
Love, Love, Love
and the Brightest of Blessings to all.

May 1, 2014

Who Dares Wins.

As the Moon rises tonight we celebrate Beltane, the fire festival that marks the peak of Spring and the beginning of Summer. Now the Earth energies are at their most powerful, hence May being known as the “lusty” month. That and the fact that Beltane honours the union of Goddess with God and Women with Men. It’s a celebration of sexuality and an honouring of that which brings harmony and balance and therefore Divine Grace.
May is the 5th month, 5 being a symbol of creative life and erotic love, at least according to Jung. 5 seeks expression, understanding, physicality and adventure…sounds alright to me! It is time now to put aside the relentless pressure of overwhelming changes and demands on our developing psyches. Time now to stop trying to make things happen, at least for a while and instead to enter a world of direct sensory experience. This is both on an inner and outer level.
Identify all that you love and all that you love to do and then set out to do just that, regardless of anyone else. It could be your “happily ever after” and the completion of a particularly severe and harsh cycle of growth. Dare to be all that you can be. Go on. The Universe is already throwing your party.

April 27, 2014

Mists and Miasma.

Hey ho, another week, another eclipse, and this time it’s solar. Why does “solar” feel more personal? It just does. It’s more in your face, more zapping and more insistent than it’s lunar counterpart. Therefore there is more to be learned here. Yet more to be confronted, examined and released before the party can begin in earnest.
To access the party we must go through the Portal. There are many and varied, just as we are. They may be found in the likeliest or unlikeliest of places…from imposing stone circles to mirrors, to the arching invitation of closely woven branches that create a doorway into the forest.
What do they all share? A point of choice, to go through and forward, or to remain. Where this becomes problematic is our limited vision, the obscured glass that we tend to operate behind, the non reality that makes up our illusory world. For there is a miasma surrounding the edges of self discovery. It disguises itself in several different ways and pretends a wisdom it may never possess.
This uneasy mist hovers from an egoic sea-foam, borne from the Egos desire to keep running the show using the old smoke and mirrors technique, the same one that keeps the wheels turning on totally the wrong track.
Take heart, for all may yet be safely gathered in. Patience again, for mists do clear and even if they don’t completely we may move forward, slowly yes, cautiously yes but always trusting that our Higher Self will steer us right if we are willing and permitting of Divine Right Action.
Go to the quiet places, those that your Soul would have you seek out and there you will fund a will and find a way.

April 12, 2014

Further Illumination

What does it take to feel better…to be better? How simple and how complex is the process of healing, of returning to rightness. Understanding itself is a multi-layered affair. It can never be instant. As soft rain on solid rock, eventually it permeates. Impatience is understandings enemy and egos best friend. Impatience mocks slow steady progress and may interrupt a full download with diastrous consequences.
I’m mentioning this now as we are rapidly approaching the total lunar eclipse on the 15th of this month during the full moon. This moon is known as the Pink Moon, or the Blood Moon, take your pick, but whatever you call it this one promises to be quite something. And if by several miracles of faith we manage to cope with this one, on the 29th of the month a total solar eclipse in Taurus is kindly waiting for us! All is taking place during a mega Cardinal Grand Cross so however intense we think things have been, the reality is”
you ain’t seen nothing yet!”
Communication will not be a clear and straightforward process and for those of us who consider we are great at it and who believe in the power of communication to solve all ills, we will be swiftly disabused of that notion. I hesitate to use the word “challenging”, yet that is how most people’s behaviour will be. May even be downright nasty.
Why so? It’s mostly down to change. That which we all claim to want when it’s positive, but really it terrifies us. We want change without changing and unfortunately that cannot be done. This disturbing period presents us with both internal and external far reaching changes that will ultimately affect our work, home life, relationships and our self identity. Those patterns we cling to are being broken down and shattered beyond repair. Seeing clearly is now our only promise of security and in the crimson light of The Blood Moon such vision is even more elusive than ever.
May we have the wisdom to stay both present and balanced and if not then to be protected and silent and this too shall pass.

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